From your needs and ideas we design products that suit you.


Professionals assemble your projects with great attention to detail.


Once installed, our products allow you to enjoy the advantage of a controlled environment.

What we do

Cabteck designs and manufactures high-end buildings offering flexible solutions to the problems of industrial soundproofing.

Control rooms

Operator booths

Acoustic enclosures

Factory offices

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Guaranteed results

Your requirements will be met and even exceeded. Our buildings are carefully designed to prevent any penetration or leakage of noise. Each of the walls is sealed with high quality neoprene that is able to withstand all environmental conditions.

On time delivery

We know the costs of a shutdown are major, which is why we guarantee delivery at a time agreed on by the project manager and Cabteck. Once the design is approved by the client, we get right to work.

The most competitive prices


Customers from all around the world

In addition to our local operations, we have several clients from across the globe.

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